TOI-560c Case File

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Fast Facts:

Compared to Kelt-3b, TOI-560c is almost tropical, though it is still hundreds of degrees Celcius warmer than the Earth, so much too warm for us to go there on holiday.

This youthful exoplanet is over two times the size of the Earth, and we believe has a similar internal structure to Neptune.  Because of its similarities to a small-size Neptune, we call this type of exoplanet a mini-Neptune.

Type: Mini Neptune

Size: More than twice the size of Earth

Mass: Around 10 times the mass of Earth

Density: Unknown

Discovered: 2021 by the TESS survey

Characteristics: believed to be similar to Neptune

Composition: details unknown

Temperature: < melting point of lead 

Last seen orbiting a small orange-red star (HD 73583) in the Hydra constellation, around 103 light years away.

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