KELT-3b Case File

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Fast Facts:

Known as KELT-3b, the third exoplanet found by the KELT survey, this exoplanet is unlike anything we have seen in our Solar System.

It is a large, puffy gas world orbiting very close to its host star. And because it is so close to its host star it is very, very hot! 

Due to their size, temperature and gassy characteristics, we call these types of planets, Hot Jupiters.

Type: Hot Jupiter

Size: Almost twice the size of Jupiter

Mass: Almost 1.5 times the mass of Jupiter

Density: Less than Jupiter

Discovered: 2012, by the KELT Survey

Characteristics: puffy and gaseous

Composition: details unknown

Temperature: > melting point of iron

KELT-3b was last seen orbiting a star larger than the Sun (KELT-3) in the Leo zodiac constellation, around 690 light years away.


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