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Secondary students from across Europe became exoplanet detectives with ESA and used Cheops satellite data to uncover the mysteries of two exoplanet targets: KELT-3b and TOI-560c.

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Escola Secundária Leal da Câmara  Sintra – Rio de Mouro    Portugal 16 years old, 15 years old   5 / 4


TOI-560c project description:

This “Hack an Exoplanet” project was very interesting. We didn’t find it hard, since the explanations were very effective at teaching  us the principles needed to complete the tasks in a simple and practical way. Because of this, exploring KELT-3b wasn’t as difficult as we original thought it would. Even though analysing TOI-560c was slightly more difficult, we managed to finish the task it rather easily, since we already knew what we should expect by having explored KELT-3b.

TOI-560c Results and Analysis

TOI-560c a rocky planet, since it has a density of 4.1 g/cm³ (which is similar to Earth’s density), has about two times the radius of the Earth and around ten times its mass. Its orbital is almost nineteen days long and is very close to its host star (the distance between the two is that of 0,12 astronomical units). TOI – 560c also has a very warm temperature, having an average temperature of 225 ºC, which would make it unsuitable for life.

TOI-560c Conclusions

In conclusion, TOI-560c is uninhabitable, since the distance to its host star is too closeand its temperature is very high and past the boiling point of water (225ºC). Furthermore, it has a very small orbital period of just 18,9 days, which we find fascinating since it is so small when compared to the planets of the Solar System.

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